California’s Mental Health Movement is made of up millions of people who believe that everyone experiencing a mental health challenge deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. See what people are saying and sharing – and add your voice to the movement with your own commitment to advancing mental health.

To use my knowledge and experiences to help others who are going through similar struggles.
To spread awareness.
To work on my mental health.
"Miss La Donna"
To never ever give up the good fight.
I pledge my support to mental health awareness.
Practice more self care and help others become more aware of mental illnesses.
To stand up for those who need a voice.
Yes fully.
To talk about it openly with strangers to raise awareness.
To reduce stigma on mental illness, raise awareness of the variety of healthy coping skills and creating a lifelong commitment to healing our minds and lives.
I am recovering by being a Peer Leader in the Member Advisory Board and record time as Secretary at the Wellness Center West.
Active Annie
To spread knowledge and resources about mental health issues today and also being open to sharing my own mental health struggles
To fight for cognitive liberty and speak on behalf of those who may have lost their voices.
to continue to accept my depression and anxiety, and work those struggles in a positive way!
To talk things out to many people who have been struggling with mental problems and depression and yet, I wanted to ensure the safety of others that nobody would have to endure this pain alone. We all need to love each other and tell them that we love each other no matter what and we shouldn’t take mental health for granted.
To believe in healing through action
To nurture those with mental illness, and always make sure they never feel alone
To treat others who might come off distant & quiet with more attention & throw them positivity.