California’s Mental Health Movement is made of up millions of people who believe that everyone experiencing a mental health challenge deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. See what people are saying and sharing – and add your voice to the movement with your own commitment to advancing mental health.

To be present with my students to allow them to share their stories. I will stand by them in finding help and continue to support them on their journey.
Lisa Jo
To always try to give the gift of Hope and to never judge anyone. I also pledge to be open and honest with my peers.
Lisa Ellis C.P.S.S.
To advocate for the peer/consumer to be included at every table of discussion where they are planning, executing, funding, and overseeing MHSA Programs and All Peer Support Services, and to work collaboratively with any agency that will help preserve the MHSA and strengthen community resources and create peer employment.

I feel blessed every day to be a survivor, to the have the knowledge and skills to share with other clinicians, patients and administrators.

Stephanie read story
Create mental health awareness in Tanzania.
fatma maleta
to be a staunch supporter and ally of those seeking better mental health through my time, my labor and my love.
End the negative stigma!
To make it KNOWN that I am available if anyone ever needs help. I've worked through my own issues and thankfully have come out with the strength to help others.
To educate my self and others about the importance of mental health. I pledge to take care of my own mental health, and the mental health of my family. I pledge to respectfully stand up about the stigma of mental health.
To always be honest about my own mental health, bring awareness and embrace my crazy
Sage Hand Co
To inspire all children and adults within my reach to be the best version of themselves for self-fulfillment and mental health wellness.
To create more mental health awareness and acceptance among my family, friends and work colleagues
I pledge to continue to educate myself on mental health subject matter and to share what I learn with my community.
To utilize my skills as a social worker to provide excellent services to those in need, and provide real world and personal examples of mental health to help normalize and reduce stigma about mental health.
To do three things each day to boost my own mental health and wellness. I will share my wellness adventures through social media with intentions to inspire others to do the same.
To support and help those in need of comfort, to report suspicious suicidal behaviors, and to be a listener.
to care about myself and my mental health and let anyone know who i trust how I'm feeling instead of bottling it up
I pledge to raise awareness about mental illness and be aware about my own thoughts and actions.