California’s Mental Health Movement is made of up millions of people who believe that everyone experiencing a mental health challenge deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. See what people are saying and sharing – and add your voice to the movement with your own commitment to advancing mental health.

To create more mental health awareness and acceptance among my family, friends and work colleagues
I pledge to continue to educate myself on mental health subject matter and to share what I learn with my community.
To utilize my skills as a social worker to provide excellent services to those in need, and provide real world and personal examples of mental health to help normalize and reduce stigma about mental health.
To do three things each day to boost my own mental health and wellness. I will share my wellness adventures through social media with intentions to inspire others to do the same.
I pledge to raise awareness about mental illness and be aware about my own thoughts and actions.
To spread awareness.
To reduce stigma on mental illness, raise awareness of the variety of healthy coping skills and creating a lifelong commitment to healing our minds and lives.
To spread knowledge and resources about mental health issues today and also being open to sharing my own mental health struggles
to continue to accept my depression and anxiety, and work those struggles in a positive way!
To believe in healing through action
To treat others who might come off distant & quiet with more attention & throw them positivity.

We all lost a part of ourselves in the death of someone who meant so much to each of us, and it doesn’t matter whether we were on good terms or not at the time, we still hurt just as much. It has taught me to take nothing for granted and to appreciate each and every person in my life in a completely different way.

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Support students who may be struggling with a mental health challenge in their lives.
To not be judgemental and teach that ideal to my students.
Ms. Hook, Peer Program director