Suicide Prevention Awareness Week 2017



Dear County and Community Partners,

In support of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week and World Suicide Prevention Day, Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement is excited to share materials and resources that can assist you in planning activities and events in your county and community. This year we are encouraging a special focus on men in the middle years and have provided a range of tools including a data briefing, hand-outs, a presentation and a drop-in article to support outreach to this population.


This year, Each Mind Matters has integrated two national suicide prevention efforts.

  • Take 5 to Save Lives – We encourage you to check-out and share the social media posts, drop-in articles and posters in their toolkit.
  • #Bethe1to – You will see the #Bethe1to theme integrated into our toolkit this year. This effort by the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline encourages all of us to share the message cards on their website and use the hashtag.  And of course, always include the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or a local campaign in your outreach efforts.


Suicide Prevention Tools- General Public

The Know the Signs (KTS) campaign is an effective way to promote suicide prevention in your community.  The campaign encourages community members to know the warning signs of suicide, find the words to offer support to someone, and reach out to local resources.

  • View all suicide prevention materials and resources that are available for free download from the new Each Mind Matters Resource Center at
  • A selection of social media posts are also provided in Spanish.
  • Use one of these digital banners to customize your suicide prevention emails and materials or post them on your website.
  • Refresh yourself on some helpful guidelines when posting about suicide prevention on social media.
  • Whenever you reach out to or respond to local news, share these recommendations for reporting on suicide.  And be sure to review the Making Headlines for tips to work with the news media.


Coaster and Coffee Sleeve Activity

Suicide Prevention Week is an opportunity to emphasize that everyone can play a role in suicide prevention.  View the Activity Tip Sheet and reach out to local businesses in your community.

  • Ask a local coffee shop to use the Know the Signs branded coffee sleeves.
  • Ask local restaurants and bars to hand-out the Know the Signs branded coasters.
  • Share a Know the Signs poster and brochure for additional information and share why suicide prevention matters and how everyone can play a role.

Email [email protected]  to order a supply of coasters or coffee sleeves.


Men in the Middle Years

Data tells us that middle-aged and older adults die by suicide at higher rates and in larger numbers than youth. Although men in the middle years (MIMY)—that is, men 35–64 years of age—represent 19 percent of the population of the United States, they account for 40 percent of the suicides in this country. We encourage you to use and share these resources:


Gun Shop Activity

Gun ownership is concentrated in the very same population that has the highest rate – and number- of suicides.  According to a Pew Research Center study that tracks national trends in gun ownership, three-quarters of gun owners are male, and 82% are white. The Gun Shop Project was developed as a partnership between the New Hampshire Firearms Safety Coalition and the Means Matter Campaign. The goal is to join suicide prevention and firearm communities around the common goal of keeping people who may be at risk of suicide safe.

In support of this year’s toolkit emphasis on suicide prevention for men, we encourage you to consider an activity to implement a local version of the Gun Shop Project in your community. The Activity Tip Sheet provides a step by step approach to implementing this activity in your local community.

The following materials can downloaded on the Each Mind Matters Resource Center:

  • The Activity Tip Sheet provides a step by step approach to implementing this activity in your local community.
  • Gun Shop Project FAQs
  • Tips for Dealers
  • Tips for Fire Range Owners
  • Gun Shop Brochure (three files are provided, one that can be customized, a print ready version for your office printer or local print shop, and a print ready version with crop marks for a professional printer)
  • Gun Shop Poster (two print ready files are provided that can both be customized, a print ready version for your office printer or local print shop, and a print ready version with crop marks for a professional printer)


 Messaging about Suicide Prevention

When crafting your messages about suicide prevention, take a second look and make sure they align safe and effective messaging recommendations by reviewing our Messaging Matters tip sheet.


Invite Young People to Play a Role in Suicide Prevention

From social media to the Sunday paper, classrooms to kitchen tables, Netflix’s show “13 Reasons Why” is provoking lots of conversation. As the choruses of praise and protest get louder and louder, they spotlight the undeniable truth that we weren’t talking enough about suicide and suicide prevention before. Below are a few tools to begin these much-needed conversations about mental health and suicide prevention.

As a starting point take a look at the ideas for school-based suicide prevention activities,  an overview of a 13 Reasons Why Not activity, and share this  drop in article:  One Good Reason to Talk About “13 Reasons Why”: To Help Save a Life.

  • The Suicide Prevention 101 Prezi provides information about the warning signs for suicide and how to provide support intertwined with short youth-produced films.
  • The Directing Change Program & Film Contest encourages young people ages 14-25 to create 60-second films about suicide prevention and mental health. Host a local screening, encourage young people to submit a film to the contest, or host a local screening, or ask your local movie theater to show a film. To view and download films and find several suicide prevention resources for schools and young people, visit
  • Active Minds Suicide Prevention Month 2017 is encouraging supporters to highlight the reasons they speak up about mental health and suicide prevention by using the hashtag #ReasonsISpeak and cumulating in Active Minds National Day Without Stigma. A cornerstone of Active Minds Suicide Prevention Month is their blog series, which features the stories of suicide attempt survivors and survivors of suicide. For blogs, social media events and Twitter chats visit


And a final note- as your plans for Suicide Prevention Week develop add them to the  Each Mind Matters (EMM) events page, especially if the events are open to the public and/or you would like others in your county and state to know about them.

Good luck with you plans! For any questions or support with this toolkit please email: [email protected]