Wizard World Comic-Con Goes Lime Green

Attend Wizard World Comic-Con and you can expect to see lime green hair, masks or capes and this year you could also see plenty of lime green ribbons everywhere you looked!

Each Mind Matters partnered with this year’s Wizard World Comic-Con to fuse mental health awareness into this hugely popular event. And as it turns out, it was a dynamic duo!

The excitement kicked off on Thursday night with a screening of the summer blockbuster, “Jurassic World,” at the Esquire IMAX theater followed by an  after-party at Vanguard 1415. As the charity sponsor of the evening, the Each Mind Matters team was onsite handing out lime green ribbons and sunglasses.


Friday through Sunday, we handed out 20,000 ribbons to visitors of the Wizard World Comic-Con! There were lime green ribbons in giveaway bags, on tables and even on costumed attendees.


It was a sea of green at the comic-con, and we look forward to finding new and unexpected places to spark conversations around mental health. Where will we be next? Stay tuned!