What’s Your Movember Style?

movember_styleguideWe are already halfway through Movember (or No-Shave November) and men all over the globe are growing out their mustaches. But do you know what these hairy symbols represent and why so many people are putting down the razor this month? These mustaches symbolize awareness of men’s health, whether that be prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health challenges or physical inactivity.

By encouraging men to simply grow a little facial hair, more and more men are becoming increasingly aware of their personal physical health. As the Movember Foundation puts it, “a mustache is nature’s billboard.” The goal of Movember is not only to raise funds and awareness, but also to get more men talking about health concerns and to get them into a doctor’s office for routine tests.

This annual, month-long facial hair event is more than just a funny fad; by growing a mustache, you are getting other men (and women) talking about the importance of a healthy lifestyle. Like the lime green ribbon, it is a conversation starter about how important men’s health is. Did you know that three out of four deaths by suicide are men? [1] Many men feel added stigma about sharing their feelings because they feel it “isn’t manly,” and therefore struggle in silence.

But you can make a difference (yes, even you ladies)! Men: drop the morning routine and let a little stubble grow. If that’s too uncomfortable or your job doesn’t allow, rock a faux-stache and post it on social media. Ladies: draw a mustache on the inside of your index finger to signify your facial hair support. Lastly, everyone can talk to the men in your life about men’s health, and donate to the cause.

Are you sporting a mustache this November? We want to see it! Take a mustache selfie, post it to Twitter or Instagram and tag us using #EachMindMatters. For more information about Movember, men’s health and how you can get involved, please visit www.movember.com.

[1] https://us.movember.com/mens-health/mental-health

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