Rock a Mullet for Mental Health

marchmulletA lime green ribbon is a great conversation starter, and so is the iconic mullet hairstyle! Both are raising awareness for mental health.

This month is March Mullet Month, and the non-profit group out of Canada has spread their message to the US in places like San Diego. The goal of the organization is to encourage folks to grow out their hair in the months leading up to March, then “rock mullets for mental health” throughout the month to raise awareness of mental health challenges.

The San Diego Center for Children participated with “Mullets for Mental Health Day” on Friday, Mar. 6, 2015. Visitors to the event were given free mullet haircuts, or those less inclined to cut their hair could purchase a mullet wig to show support.


On Twitter, March Mullet is encouraging supporters to share images of their mullets, whether colorful, long, short or just a wig; a mullet for mental health is an awesome mullet! Why not style your best mullet and share it to show your support. Follow the organization on Twitter @MarchMullet and hashtag #MarchMullet to show off your look.

If you would rather pass on the hair statement, you can go online and donate to the cause at