Prop 63: Expanding Colusa County’s Mental Health Services

Prop 63 funds many mental health services across the state of California, and people from counties statewide are working hard every day to ensure anyone with a mental health challenge has access to important services they need. Colusa County is just one area where Prop 63 has allowed for an increase in access to services, increase in overall resources to the community and increased collaboration between the various departments of the community.

In Colusa County, the Safe Haven Drop-In Center has grown immensely with the help of funds from Prop 63. Safe Haven is designed as a non-judgmental and safe place for people to share and learn skills of how to handle mental health challenges, and has gone from 5 participants to over 50 active members per day. The facility provides valuable services such as a clothing closet, laundry facility and meals for visitors. Safe Haven also puts on events in the community to create awareness and get rid of stigma surrounding mental health.

Club Live and Friday Night Live are youth programs funded with help from MHSA. Over the years, the programs have spread across different districts to reach youth across the county. They have developed a Colusa County Youth Council that meets weekly, and they continue to grow as the programs are regularly attended by youth.

The Second Step program has also had a big impact in the areas schools, growing to multiple school sites within the county. Teachers have seen great improvements in the classrooms due to the hard work of aids that assist students every day. Teachers and staff are proponents of this program and hope it stays within the school system as it has helped so many.

The funds from Prop 63 continue to improve mental health services all across California. For more about what improvements have been made in Colusa County and others, visit Prop 63’s County Spotlight website now. Each Mind Matters will be reporting on improvements that have been made, so keep an eye out for your county.