#MusicMonday Artist Feature: Golden Gloves

Golden Gloves is a hip-hop duo out of Auburn, Calif. The pair are a part of the Auburn Hip Hop Congress which uses music, art and hip-hop culture to impact the community in a positive and meaningful way. This is done through community outreach events, youth programs, raising cultural awareness and hosting educational events such as workshops on healing through written and spoken word.

As founding members and participants of Auburn Hip Hop Congress’ Young Artist Development and Education Programs they focus on bridging the gap between youth and adults through the deeply impactful use of self-expression and positive hip hop culture.

It was inspiring to hear them discuss how music has not only helped them overcome life’s challenges, but also how they have used the art of music to help others in their own lives. To learn more about Golden Gloves and what the Auburn Hip Hop Congress is doing in its community, visit auburnhiphopcongress.strikingly.com.

Why do you think music is a good outlet to talk about mental health challenges?

“Well, music is just a beautiful form of art. We as human beings have the blessing to be able to express ourselves through art. I’ve just always had a passion for music, myself. I find that it’s just such a good way to vent and to look inside yourself and find solutions to your own problems and to help better yourself and develop yourself as a person, and try to find out what you want to do in life, and just find out your flaws and to help send your message to other people. Music is just the best outlet in my opinion. It’s just an amazing thing that we have the opportunity to have.”

What advice would you give to someone who might be struggling with a mental health challenge and doesn’t realize that they can use music as their outlet?

“First thing I would do is to reach out to a community and talk to as many people as you can, and don’t be afraid to communicate with people and to let out your problems and just discuss because everyone’s going through issues themselves. You never know what stories and how other people can help you when you communicate with them. Then express yourself through music. Go write. Write some poetry. Go sing. Go sing your favorite song. Get in touch with that because the art of music is just an amazing thing. It can help you dig deep and find the true emotions that you have inside you that you didn’t even know you wanted to release. It can be a great way to help solve your problems in life.”

Golden Gloves is featured on two songs on the #MillionsLikeMe Music for Mental Health album. Click the link to download the album and hear songs from other young artists from across the state, and check back next week for our next featured artist!