Music Matters in the Fight Against Stigma


In June, Each Mind Matters held the first Music for Mental Health event on the CSU East Bay campus in Hayward, Calif. At the event, an amazing group of young artists discussed how music can be a helpful outlet for those struggling with a mental health challenge.

Over the past few months we’ve highlighted several talented young artists who attended the event in our #MusicMonday features. We have shared how they use their music as an outlet to help themselves and those around them overcome mental health challenges and other struggles.

IMG_2151From the album’s opening song “Breathe” by Donblak of Richmond, Calif. to A.R. the Inspiration’s “I’m Thankful,” we were moved by their words and beats. We can’t get enough of songs like Sydney Ward’s melody “Have Another Pill,” which discusses struggles with substance use and mental health challenges, and T.E.O’ s song “Vertigo” about working through the pain of family difficulties and trying to cope with challenges alone.

Oliver Marlar, a.k.a. the OOP, of South Lake Tahoe, Calif. talks about overcoming the challenges of depression in his song “Depression the Lesson.” Oliver opens up about being a transgender adult and the feelings of loneliness that everyone faces at some point. His hard hitting and inspirational lyrics talk about moving past the pain and being yourself:

“Everyone has felt this sometimes, it’s okay to feel helpless. You’re not the only one, depression is an emotion and everyone, don’t let it kill you. Use it to make you stronger, break it into bars and expose to the world who you truly are.”


“Where Do I Go Now” is an honest story of suicide ideation from Joseph Torres, aka DJJ, out of Auburn, Calif. DJJ tells a story of a young man who was constantly bullied from a young age, with no friends to turn to and too fearful to talk to an adult. However, as he makes his mistakes and realizes he needs help to make it through his challenges, he finds an outlet for his anger and pain in writing with the lyric:

“What was that move? A move of a better man. A true soldier fightin’ through adversity, always pulling through all the controversy. Needing a new method to get out his anger he came up with the idea of being a writer.”


If you haven’t downloaded the #MillionsLikeMe Music for Mental Health album yet, you are missing out! There are so many incredible artists across the state of California, and their music is real and honest. It is free to download and you won’t be disappointed by the talent these youth have.


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