Grab Your Friends and Phone for Text, Talk, Act

TTA_LogoFinalOn Oct. 6, Each Mind Matters is hosting Text, Talk, Act, a text enabled system to facilitate a face-to-face conversation on mental health. All across the country, people are starting conversations about mental health with the help of Text, Talk, Act, and we want you to grab your friends, family and colleagues to be a part of our nationwide event. Join us and you could receive cash prizes for your school, club or community organization!

All you need is a small group of people (three to four), a cell phone with text message capabilities and a little free time to get started. One person then texts the word START to number 89800 to receive a series of text messages that will guide the group through a conversation on mental health: why it is important, how to care for it, and how to help a friend in need. The text messages include videos, social media interactions, polling questions and discussion questions.

In order to qualify for one of five $1,000 prizes, you’ll need to register here before the event. Follow the link to find all the information you’ll need about rules and regulations, contestant categories and organizer codes.

For more information about the Text, Talk, Act program and to find out about more events, click here.

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