California Celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week

From October 4-10, people throughout California and nationwide came together to observe Mental Health Awareness Week in so many ways demonstrating the growing strength of the mental health movement. Check out what some counties did to observe the important week:

The Behavioral Health Division of Sonoma County offered comprehensive training to teams that provide urgent response and crisis intervention. In addition, the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors honored several high school students who received awards for their entries in the Directing Change Program and Film Contest. Also, the Department of Public Health participated in the Each Mind Matters’ Text, Talk, Act event.

sonoma co

Alameda County and San Bernardino County observed National Day of Prayer for Mental Health on October 6. The day’s purpose is to unite spiritual communities, provide resources to faith leaders, and send positive thoughts to those living with a mental health challenge as well as the loved ones who support them.

national day of prayer

The Monterey County Department of Public Health hosted the lime green ribbon wall for its employees. Each employee had the opportunity to sign their name and a message of hope on the ribbon. The ribbon wall is a great way to show support for the mental health movement.

Each Mind Matters partnered with Active Minds to bring their public education exhibit Send Silence Packing to college campuses throughout California. Counties including Sacramento, Fresno, Santa Barbara and Riverside hosted the award-winning exhibit that displays 1,100 backpacks representing the number of college students who die by suicide each year.


Downtown Los Angeles was shining bright with the national color of mental health awareness as Los Angeles City Hall was lit lime green. It sparked conversations as people shared images as well as those who were able to see it up close. Thank you to the supporters who donated to help make this possible!

la city hall
The world celebrated World Mental Health Day on Oct. 10. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited teens who have been diagnosed with mental health challenges, and listened as the teens shared personal stories about being misdiagnosed and growing up with friends who didn’t understand their struggles.

Brandon Marshall, wide receiver for the New York Jets and mental health advocate, tweeted that he was running the Brooklyn Rock ’n’ Roll Half Marathon on Saturday for his non-profit organization Project 375, dedicating each mile of the race to a different mental illness.


Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used her enormous platform to share her support for World Mental Health Day. She took to Twitter to let her followers know that she is an advocate for ending mental health stigma and making sure those who need help aren’t afraid to ask for it.


In California, the Los Angeles City Council proclaimed Oct. 10 as World Mental Health Day. During the presentation, members of NAMI-Los Angeles, Los Angeles Department of Mental Health, Each Mind Matters and individuals with lived experience all spoke about the need to reduce stigma and raise awareness about mental health.