Mental Health Awareness Week Starts Dialogue

During Mental Health Awareness Week, we asked our followers to join us in a conversation about mental health through some Q&A posts on social media. Read on for some of the thoughtful and insightful responses that were shared.

What is one thing you wish others understood most about your mental health?
  • Just because you look a certain way, act a certain way. You are considered to be crazy or have issues, are slow, are different. People then start to treat you differently once they find out you have a mental illness. People make assumptions have negative stigmas, don’t understand you.
  • I’m sick, all day; 24/7. My good moments don’t mean that I am suddenly no longer sick.
What or who inspires you to speak more openly about mental health?
  • Owning it and not being afraid to discuss it with others. My children had a hard time with that. They want me to hide it. I have worked too hard to overcome to be silent about my journey.
  • My kids
What is one thing people can start doing today to help end mental health stigma?
  • Become more educated about the topic
  • Ask them if they need a hug! Ask if they need someone to listen while they talk, quite often they have no one but will not tell you that most likely. Allow conversation about the subject in place of shame.

Thank you to everyone who shared their responses! You can keep the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Week alive throughout the year by having honest conversations about mental health with people in your community.

We also loved seeing your posts from the week that used the hashtag #EachMindMatters! Here are some of our favorites:


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