My Green Is Lime Green Social Media Contest Highlights

Last month, Each Mind Matters held its My Green Is Lime Green Social Media Contest to celebrate that “greenery” is the official color of 2017 and to showcase our favorite shade of green: lime green! The contest encouraged Each Mind Matters followers to #wearlimegreen on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to help raise mental health awareness. And what a response! Through comments, creative wall posts, photo-sharing and emojis, we received many heartfelt stories of what the color lime green and mental health awareness means to you. Each week, several lucky winners were chosen and received official Each Mind matters lime green accessories to help spread awareness even further.

Check out our gallery of winners!

Emily Wu Truong

Biking today in our local #SanGabrielValley with Vinh for Bike Sgv was a great experience today!! I wore my #Taiwan pride t-shirt & #LimeGreen cape! I even made my own large green ribbon to wear over my black shirt! On top of that, Vinh & I took our 4 year nephew around on bike. Good day despite the rain & cold weather! 🙂 #WearLimeGreen


Matthew Geyer

What does it mean to me to #wearlimegreen – I’m happy that you asked @eachmindmatters – since the fall of 2015 lime green has cooled me to #mentalhealthawareness as that was when I was asked to be a part of the @grouphomegradz project, a documentary about a counselor searching and reuniting with the girls from a San Jose, CA group home where they had all live together 20 years ago. Finding people from the days before social media can be tricky, and it can be emotional when you do find them. #endthestigma #mentalhealth


Kellie Jack
I wear lime green all through the year because it means my story isn’t over. I also wear it to bring awareness to my community. I want them to ask, “why are you wearing the lime green ribbon?” Or, “is lime green your favorite color?” It gives me the chance to say I’m glad you asked and then I tell them how I’m the May Mental Health Matters month coordinator. I tell them how they can be involved to spread the message and invite them to the usually 15 or 16 or more events we have.


Sandy Minnerly Rives (aka Team Charlotte)

Today we had our Strike Out Stigma Bowl-a-Thon to raise money for programs run by Transitions Mental Health Association. It was bittersweet because one of our teammates passed away unexpectedly before the event; therefore, we renamed our team “Team Charlotte” in her memory. #wearlimegreen @EachMindMatters


 Jacqueline Kurniawan 

I have just recently discovered Each Mind Matters and have since looked upon the color lime green through different lenses. I am one who has had a past dealing with a mental health issue and overcame all the obstacles, despite a lot of negativity and lack of support. Growing up in Indonesia, there is still a lot of stigma around mental illness; it is either dismissed as less important than physical illness, or the common stereotype relates to severe mental illness/abnormal psychology such as psychopathy or sociopathy; other mental illnesses are disregarded or there is little understanding & information about them. Moving to the States, though there are several non-profit organizations, charities, and other mental health institutions that help to fight the stigma on mental illness, there are still pockets of society who have very negative stereotypes surrounding those who are involved in the field. From this point on, I want to wear lime green, whether it’s painting my nails or wearing jewelry, tshirt, even eyeshadow that is lime green, so that when people ask me, I can share with them about Each Mind Matters and how it strives to help improve mental health and equality. I hope I can help those who may have gone through a similar experience as myself, or those who have a loved one suffering a mental illness, to let them know they aren’t alone, that there are those who care deeply about making a positive change in their life, to give them the support they need, even if it is something as simple as taking a few minutes out of my busy day to listen to their story. Here’s to revolutionizing and changing the way we see, hear, and help mental health! 💚 #contest #wearlimegreen


We’re always looking for ways to celebrate our growing community of mental health advocacy, so watch this space for future contests. In the meantime, join us by thanking all of our participants and saying congrats to our winners!

Each Mind Matters is gaining momentum every day as people like you join California’s Mental Health Movement. Together we can create supportive communities where no one feels alone. You can play an important role in raising mental health awareness and reducing stigma by helping spread the word today. Here are some resources to help you get started!

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