The Art of Making a Difference

By Marie Gallo Dyak

If you want to truly understand something, try to change it. -Kurt Lewin

You cannot really change something without first understanding what it is you want to change. You probably want to change something because you don’t agree with it or you think that you have a better solution.

I read this on the site and pondered. It reminds me of a story Dr. Mark Ragins told about sitting across from someone who extended his hand to Dr. Mark and asked him to describe the hand. Dr. Mark proceeded to do just that.  The person across from him had a very different description of his own hand. Yes, extend your hand to someone and ask the same question.  I’m hoping you have an “aha” moment.

Due to our extensive review over the past 19 years of over 3,000 films and TV shows through the PRISM Awards, I believe that the creative community of writers, actors, producers, directors, songwriters and other artistic people contribute to our culture, the “aha” moment.  The quality of their work is in the eye of the beholder.

The next time you hear someone criticize a TV series or feature film, first ask if the watched it.  You will be surprised how many people say, “No, but I heard…” I ask you to watch it for yourself.  The story may be crafted for a specific audience not necessarily to please everyone’s taste. Once you have listened or watched the story then, if there is something to change, you can approach the narrative of change with respect and collaboration not simply biased, uninformed opinion.

Who knows, you may discover the story criticized actually tells a message that you agree with and lends itself to being aligned with your own values and beliefs. I am interested in hearing from you about what’s on your DVR list ([email protected]),  and welcome to the art of making a difference.



Marie Gallo Dyak is the Executive Vice President of Program Services and Government Relations to the Entertainment Industries Council (EIC). She is responsible for concept development and implementation of EIC programs and special projects primarily involving the entertainment industry and health and social issues. This also includes public service initiatives and campaigns, special events, constituent relations and development of in-kind support for prevention initiatives, health information dissemination, and entertainment-based human resource issues.