Join the Movement: Let’s End Stigma!

Guest Blog By: Public Good Projects*

Mental health conditions are common. In fact, one in five adults in the United States will experience a mental health condition at some point in their lives. Despite being so prevalent, a stigma around mental health conditions exists. And that’s a problem – because stigma makes people feel alone, embarrassed, ashamed, and often prevents them from seeking treatment when they need it. Why is stigma still here, you ask?

Experts say it’s because people don’t know enough about mental health, and don’t see enough positive, supportive messages. Without those messages being shared, stigma is able to persist. So, whether you live with a mental health condition or not, we can all do our part so others feel supported and understood. Are you ready to do more?

Mental Health Champions is a campaign to end mental health stigma. Each week, Champions receive exclusive artwork that includes positive, uplifting and encouraging messages like the ones you see below. Share it when you want, on whichever social media platform you want. Becoming a Champion is easy, just visit and sign up with your email or phone number. That’s it!

Stigma is powerful stuff. But when more and more of us share messages of support, we can fight it, and end it. The movement grows because people like you are dedicated to advancing mental health, so sign up and spread the word: we’re putting an end to stigma!

The Public Good Projects is a non-profit organization that creates health behavior change campaigns through media marketing. Mental Health Champions is part of a nationwide effort to reduce stigma of mental health conditions. This campaign includes two other efforts:

● Therapy Pets: The nation’s pets spread simple messages of love and understanding about mental health.
● LikeOneAnother: People with and without mental health conditions talk about their personal experiences to show that we’re all more alike than we’re different.

Each of these campaigns is managed by The Public Good Projects, with support from Kaiser Permanente.

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