New Resource for the African American Community

Guest Blog By: Each Mind Matters African American Strategic Council*

Just in time for Black History Month, the Each Mind Matters African American Strategic Council is pleased to announce the release of the “Mental Health in the African American Community Support Guide”. Black History Month is an annual celebration recognizing the accomplishments of African Americans in the United States. Originally started in 1926 as Negro History Week coinciding with Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas’ birthdays, it was expanded to the entire month of February in 1976.

Black History Month not only gives us a chance to reflect on our history, but also to shine a light on current achievements and opportunities in our community. While we are still dealing with institutionalized racism, poverty and oppression in our community, we are also seeing activists, artists and cities come together to support one another and amplify our voices. A focus on mental health and wellness is often a leading topic of conversation around the country.

The “Mental Health in the African American Community Support Guide” serves many purposes. The main purpose is to encourage African American’s to take care of their mental health and encourage their friends and loved ones to do the same. Second, the guide gives practical tips on how individuals can impact their communities and reduce stigma. Lastly, the guide encourages help seeking behaviors if more support is needed.

Throughout the month of February, we will be sharing resources and information on mental health specific to the African American community. To view the new resource online, click here.

African American Strategic Council
The following African American Strategic Council members represented communities across California and led the development and writing of the support guide. The Council was formed last spring and includes Zima Creason, Mental Health America of California; Gigi Crowder, Mental Health Friendly Communities; Jim Gilmer, Racial & Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition; Regina Mason, The Village Project Inc.; Jahmal Miller, California Department of Public Health; and Rolanda Wilkins, Earth Mama Healing.

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