May is Mental Health Matters Month 2015

May is Mental Health Matters Month! Throughout the month, people from across California will come together to spread awareness about the importance of mental health and show their support for the issue.

This toolkit is designed to help you spread the word about May is Mental Health Matters Month in your community!

The toolkit includes:

  • Each Mind Matters posters for adults and youth
  • Customizable “May is Mental Health Matters Month” fliers (including an example of a customized flier) you can add your information to.
  • Ribbon Wall Activity for your lobby, store, or other public place
  • Event Planning Guide
  • Guide for using Social Media to help spread the word during May
  • A fun PSA challenge for you to complete
  • … and more!

Check back here throughout April and May and we’ll be uploading more helpful tools, like fun and informative videos you can share on social media.

Toolkit Contents:

1) Toolkit Introduction Letter

2) Ribbon Wall Activity

3) Ribbon Wall Activity Table Instructions

4) Ribbon Wall Activity Poster

5) Event Planning Guide

6) Event Invitation_EDITABLE

7) Activity Ideas

8) Millions Like Me Challenge

9) Social Media Guide

10) Flyer_Half Of Us_EDITABLE

11) Flyer_Honest Conversations_EDITABLE

12) Flyer_People Can Get Better_EDITABLE

13) Flyer_Sunshine County SAMPLE

14) KTS Prepping Personal Stories

15) Directing Change Save the Date

16) Youth Poster

17) Each Mind Matters Logos

18) Mental Health Matters Month Web Images