Spread the Word

Each Mind Matters is gaining momentum every day as people like you join California’s Mental Health Movement. Together we can create supportive communities where no one feels alone.

Every person plays an important role in helping people feel comfortable by having open conversations and encouraging those who need it to seek support. Below are some things you can do to help.

Suicide Prevention Week

In support of National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week (September 6-12, 2020) and World Suicide Prevention Day (September 10), Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement is excited to provide the 2020 Suicide Prevention Activation Kit.

Click here to access resources and activities for Suicide Prevention Week.

Check out our other available activation kits for even more activities and information:

New Resources for Diverse Communities

California’s diverse communities face unique barriers when facing mental health challenges. Through partnerships with community leaders and multicultural organizations, Each Mind Matters develops educational materials that meet the specific needs of all Californians.

Share the Facts About Mental Health

Share these facts and more by downloading the Each Mind Matters flyer and the Mental Health Support Guide to distribute to friends, family and colleagues.

  • Mental health challenges are very common. In fact, 50% of us will experience a mental health challenge in our lifetime.
  • Mental well-being is a fundamental component of the World Health Organization’s definition of health.
  • Half of all mental disorders start by age 14 and three-quarters by age 24.
  • Unfortunately, research shows that many people do not reach out for support. For young people, an average of 6 to 8 years passes from the time they first experience symptoms to the time when they get help.
  • People recover from mental illness all the time. With support and treatment, between 70% and 90% of individuals report reduced symptoms and improved quality of life.
  • Good mental health enables people to realize their potential, cope with the normal stresses of life, work productively, and contribute to their communities.

Show-Off Your Lime Green

Lime green is building momentum as the national color for mental health awareness. Wearing the lime green ribbon is a great way to open an honest dialogue with friends, family, classmates and co-workers about mental health. And it’s an easy way to show your support. It’s also easy to order! Get your lime green ribbon, wristband or other Each Mind Matters items at our online shop. Or wear it online by adding this twibbon to your profile on social media. Here are some more ideas to help you get creative while showing your support:

  • Post selfies wearing your lime green ribbon on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Plus, encourage others to do the same. Use the hashtag #EachMindMatters.
  • Order a supply of lime green ribbons or wristbands and keep them in your desk, car, backpack or purse to offer to people when they ask about it.
  • Ask family members and friends to wear their support too.
  • Wear lime green clothes, paint your nails lime green or even put a streak of lime green in your hair! Let everyone know that Each Mind Matters.