Mental Health Friendly Communities Gather to Promote Mental Wellness

Mental Health Friendly Communities (MHFC) remains dedicated to bringing together African-American faith leaders and community stakeholders to demonstrate the cultural connection between spirituality and mental wellness.

On June 12, MHFC held a community dialogue and wellness fair to support the African-American community at the Richmond Memorial Convention Center. More than 60 people attended the event, including the Richmond mayor and vice-mayor, to talk about how to overcome stigma, learn from each other and work together to improve mental wellness. Program highlights included personal stories and performances by Ben Turner, a spoken word artist with lived experience, and Sean McGowan, a rapper in the Beats, Rhymes and Life program that is dedicated to “hip hop therapy.”

As the second community dialogue held in Contra Costa County, this event provided a platform to talk about how to overcome stigma, and the help available for African-Americans experiencing mental health challenges, particularly African-American youth.

For more information on the MHFC program or to get involved with a local MHFC, contact Minister Monique Tarver at 510-552-5284 or [email protected]