Join UC Davis in Celebrating the Launch of Each Aggie Matters!

UC Davis students and faculty are invited to celebrate the launch of Each Aggie Matters on campus tomorrow, Thursday, April 24. The event will include interactive events and refreshments for all to enjoy!

With the recent launch of Each Aggie Matters, lime green now decorates the UC Davis campus and students are already joining California’s Mental Health Movement. At a recent tabling event, campaign materials were distributed and students and faculty were encouraged to submit their pledge of how they will help to end the stigma associated with mental illness. Over the course of two hours, 117 pledges were submitted at that event! These pledges and new ones will be featured on the Each Aggie Matters website, which also features information about how to deal with a mental health challenge.

One new resource featured on the site is Just in Case. A mobile-friendly site, Just in Case is designed to inform students about the signs of distress, offer tools to talk to a friend in need and provide access to resources available on campus. Students can seek out information regarding difficult emotions they are feeling themselves as well as what to do if they are worried about a friend, and have immediate access to links and phone numbers for resources on campus for where they can receive additional help.

To help get the word out about the campaign, the Each Aggie Matters logo decorates water bottles carried and t-shirts worn by students across campus. Promotional fliers have been distributed to students and faculty, and multiple departments are working in collaboration to spread the word about the campaign. The Cross Cultural Center, LGBTQIA and Student Recruitment and Retention Center, along with the Active Minds Chapter and mental health club are collaborating with the Student Health and Counseling Services to spread the word about campaign. Zach Ward, counseling psychologist with Student Health and Counseling Services at UC Davis, has been involved with executing and launching Each Aggie Matters and recognizes the importance of working in partnership with these other departments.

It’s been a catalyzing effort so that has brought us all together. Before, we all had a common purpose and now, we are being brought together to make sure we are meeting all of our students’ needs.

Ward says he knows this is a movement that will help save lives and continue to grow past tomorrow’s celebration event. He says that he feels the launch of the campaign will help those students who are struggling with a mental health challenge to realize that it’s okay to speak out for help.

It’s way more than a promotion and a logo; it’s a mindset. Our students are very passionate about being supportive and affirming of one another. I think our faculty and staff are the same. The goal is to speak to that support.

As a part of Each Mind Matters, Ward has appreciated all of the support and resources he has received from the movement to launch Each Aggie Matters.

Congrats to UC Davis on joining the movement! Many hearts and minds will be changed through Each Aggie Matters!

Read more about the campaign and the launch here.