2020 SanaMente Mini-Grant Recipients Announced!

Each Mind Matters and SanaMente are excited to announce the awards for the 2020 SanaMente Mini-Grant Program!

The SanaMente Mini-Grant Program will engage Latino/x communities across California to improve mental health, reduce stigma and prevent suicide for all Californians. We received many wonderful submissions and this made the selection process difficult. But our team of subject matter experts and community stakeholders narrowed down the list to award 12 grants across the state. The SanaMente grant award recipients are:

These recipient organizations will reach California’s Latino/x communities across the state, including northern California, the Bay Area, central region and coast, and the southern region, both inland and coast.

These organizations will impact a variety of targeted Latino/x populations including families, adolescents, LGBTQ+ members, survivors of violence, older adults and immigrants, including the undocumented. Activities will cover a range of diverse approaches, including community-driven ideas like art galleries, creative workshops, Promotores programs, social media campaigns, multicultural festivals and much more.

We are very excited about these amazing efforts that will expand the reach of SanaMente: El Movimiento de Salud Mental de California to increase awareness of mental health, reduce stigma, and prevent suicide. If you’re interested in getting involved, check in with one of these organizations to find out how you can support their efforts.

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