Fence Activation

Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement is excited to provide an activity to promote mental health within our communities. Drawing inspiration from street art, this fence activation is fun, easy, and will spark conversations about mental health across the state.

Step 1: Choose a Location and Gather Supplies

To complete this activity, you will need to purchase some lime green duct tape. It is available online or may be found at your local hardware store. Next, you will need to find an area on a chain link fence that is about eight feet wide. Be sure to get permission to use the fence for this activity! Look for a fence in an area that has a lot of foot traffic.

Pro Tip: Bring a friend! It takes two people about an hour to complete this activity.

Step 2: Choose and Print a Template

Below are links to templates to show you how to place strips of the tape on the fence. The templates will show you how to create the word Hope, the Spanish words Ánimo and Fuerza, and the lime green ribbon. Print the template for the design you are planning to create and bring it with you when you go to work on your fence.

Want to get creative and create your own message? Click here to download a blank fence template.

Step 3: Place the Tape

Strips of duct tape will be applied diagonally. The green on the templates show where the tape should be placed on the fence.

Tear off a strip of tape and wrap the end around the fence link (see photo). Wrap the other end around the other fence link where you want the tape to stop.

This photo shows what the strips should look like from the back:

Step 4: Add the Postcard

We created a postcard that explains the meaning behind the fence installation to people passing by your fence art. Print it out, laminate it, punch a hole in one of the upper corners, and then attach it to the fence using a zip tie. Click below to download the postcard:

Step 5: Share Your Fence!

When you have set up your fence art, please share photos of your fence with us! Via social media, tag @EachMindMatters and use the hashtags #EachMindMatters and #StrengthInCommunity so we can share your work with our followers.

How to Remove

When it’s time to remove the tape, simply grasp the edge of the tape near a point where it is affixed to the fence and tear the tape using a downward twisting motion. Any remaining tape can be picked off or adhesive left behind can be cleaned with Goo Gone or a similar adhesive removing solution.