11 Pledges to Raise Mental Health Awareness


Mental Health Awareness Week is an opportunity for mental health supporters and organizations to raise awareness and reduce stigma about mental health challenges. This week, we heard from supporters across the country who submitted pledges and stories about their commitment to advancing the mental health movement.

Check out these 11 pledges from people like you who are working to eliminate mental health stigma. You too can support the mental health movement by submitting a story or pledge at EachMindMatters.org.

1. I pledge to continue to stand up against mental health stigma and educate the public. I will also continue to empower each and every person whom suffers from mental health challenges and provide hope to each individual. — Laura


2. as-a-parent-living-with-mental-health-challenges-i-will-create-a-better-tomorrow-for-my-3-beautiful-children-by-modeling-healthy-coping-skills-today-gidget


3. I pledge to promote awareness about mental health and recovery through the Student Advocates for Recovery Club at my college. We advocate for recovery support and breaking the stigma that comes with substance abuse and other mental health issues.— Noctbliss


4. I pledge to know my students, to show them that I care for them authentically, and will do my best to provide a safe and supportive school where they can thrive and live up to their potential!Deb


5. to-use-my-talent-as-an-artist-to-help-people-better-themselves-soval


6. I pledge to continue to learn about mental health resources and events in the area where I live, and to pass that information on to others in the community. – Jeannie


7. I pledge to be a leader in both my personal and professional life by demonstrating and teaching how to be a balanced and joy filled individual. Mindfulness is key. – Windy


8. I pledge to courageously speak up, establish policy and to educate about mental illness to stop the stigma. — Jeff


9. i-pledge-to-be-compassionate-not-only-to-others-but-to-myself-hazel-1


10. I tell my clients and students that the brain is just like any other organ in the body and needs medical care with the same attention that you would give your heart or lungs. — Monica


11. As a Native American, I pledge to promote Each Mind Matters (EMM). EMM provides me the tools and opportunities to make others aware of stigma — both barriers and obstacles throughout California’s communities. I will work within schools, organizations, and the workplace to spread the powerful message of the ‘Green Ribbon’. In the end, I hope to see, hear and feel minimal stigma and discrimination — where I live, work, volunteer and participate within social gatherings. – River Shadow