“Living with Voices: Coping Strategies for Voice Hearers” Workshop Presented by Debra Lampshire

The current treatment for people suffering from distressing voices is medication and group therapy. New research is finding that helping voice hearers develop their own coping strategies can reduce the distress felt by voice hearers, and is a complimentary addition to the medical treatment.

This workshop investigates the challenges and issues that arise for people who hear voices that other people don’t hear. The workshop provides practical insights and down-to-earth strategies about how to re-gain control and re-integrate with work, family and friends. The skills taught in the workshop include normalising, focusing and interpretation and evaluation of voice hearing and the explanations the people have for their voices.

Debra Lampshire has heard voices since childhood and has developed a number of coping strategies which she will share during this workshop. Debra has transferred her 30 years of lived experience with voices into a wealth of knowledge that she shares with voice hearers, family members, caregivers, and medical staff. She is an entertaining, engaging, and knowledgeable speaker.

Debra is the Chairperson of International Society for Psychological and Social approaches to Psychosis–NZ (ISPS-NZ) an affiliation of ISPS international, a Professional Teaching Fellow at University of Auckland, and the Project Manager for the Psychological Interventions for Enduring Mental Illness Project at the Auckland District Health Board providing Hearing Voices Groups and training in New Zealand.
Website: ISPS- Aotearoa NZ www.isps-nz.org.nz/

Registration begins at 10:30AM

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Cypress Community Center

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South Bay Project Resource (SBPR)

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This “peer only” workshop is designed for a small group and will only accept 20 peers—PLEASE register early!


However, to reserve a seat please send in $30.00 check which will be refunded upon attendance.

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