Hitting Stigma OUTTA THE PARK! (Golden Gate Park, that is)

Since 50% of us will have a serious mental health issue in our lifetime, why does it take the average person EIGHT years from the first behavioral health symptom to seek help?


SF-DPH’s Behavioral Health STIGMA BUSTERS will:

1. provide resource information about services in the city,
2. provide support and compassion to folks needing a listening ear, and
3. BUST STIGMA by having open conversations in public about an invisible condition that leads to isolation

Join the SF behavioral health movement. Come learn more about the SF-BHS STIGMA BUSTERS.

See you there.


Golden Gate Park

1214-1230 John F Kennedy Dr, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA


Victor Gresser

Phone: (415) 255-3651

[email protected]


FREE and open to the public.