Hearing Voices Workshop

In this one-day workshop, organized by the Bay Area Hearing Voices Network and the South Bay Project Resource, we invite you to join with other family members and voice hearers and explore compassionate approaches to being present with, understanding, and supporting our loved ones as they experience voices, visions, special messages, extreme states and unusual beliefs.

Learn tools for coping with these experiences as well as gain a better understanding of their meaning and content from the perspective of family members and those with personal lived experiences.

Explore the recovery movement and the role of peer support and social engagement. Learn effective communication strategies for relationship building that help to overcome helplessness and fear.

Learn online and local resources and support groups where sharing and caring become the strength of one’s own recovery.


Cubberly Community Center

4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto, CA, United States


Bay Area Hearing Voices Network & South Bay Project Resource

[email protected]


$40 (some scholarships are available, voice-hearers free)

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