De Sabios y Locos is a comedic play written by renowned clinical psychologist and founder/CEO of CDLF, Dr. Ana Nogales, with the goal of reducing the negative stigma surrounding mental health within Latino communities and increasing their access to mental health services. Designed to raise awareness of the prevalence of psycho-emotional disorders in Latino families, an array of mental health and related issues are presented by actors portraying a Latino family in the United States. The multifaceted, yet seemingly relatable dynamic of the Delgado Family hits home for viewers as they watch them attempt to navigate their lives and live in harmony amidst underlying mental health issues that make it exceedingly difficult to do so.


Delhi Center

505 E Central Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92707, USA

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Gabriela Gonzalez

Phone: (714) 430-3751

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Presented by: CASA DE LA FAMILIA
Funded by: Orange County Health Care Agency (OCHCA),
Behavioral Health Services, Prevention & Intervention,
Mental Health Services Act/Prop 63

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