A Multi-Dimensional Look at Substance Use Disorders and/or Mental Health Conditions, Their Treatment and Recovery for Social Media Campaigns

Our esteemed panelists will discuss the power of using social media in a respectful and compassionate way as a tool to promote awareness on mental health issues and reach out to those in need. They will shed light on their experiences, both first-hand and professional, during an interactive webcast that will focus on the power that social media can have in reducing the discrimination toward people seeking treatment or in recovery from behavioral health issues.

Featuring Expert Panelists:

Jason Wahler, Actor; Treatment and Recovery Advocate at Origin’s Behavioral Health Care

April Foreman, PhD, Suicide Prevention Coordinator for Southeast Louisiana Veteran Health Care System

Mike Riddle, Graphic Designer and Owner of Blank, LLC

Lindy Dreyer, Social Media Lead of ICF Interactive, Chief Social Media Marketer of SocialFish


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