Studies Find Kindness Is Good For Your Health

Can kindness be the cure for physical distancing? Although simple acts of kindness cannot bring us together physically, studies show kindness can boost our immune systems by reducing stress and heighten the production of the “feel good” hormones in our brains.  

During this period of physical distancing, many of us may be experiencing loneliness at much higher levels than ever before. Research has shown that loneliness and isolation can cause a weaker immune system, heart disease, high blood pressure anxiety, depression, and more.

However, even though we are physically apart, we don’t have to be alone. The simple act of kindness is something that can help us stay connected while also reducing the negative effects that loneliness. Even as we shelter-in-place, we can find ways to spread kindness each day, to others and to ourselves. Here are a few ideas:

  • Call, video call and text with your friends and family – simply checking-in with others shows you care and can make someone smile.
  • Be generous to your community. If you can, support local businesses by buying gift cards or ordering takeout – and try to leave a bigger tip than normal.
  • When buying supplies or groceries, be kind to other shoppers by not buying in excess and only buy what you need.
  • Be kind to yourself by allowing yourself to feel your emotions, and reach out for support if you need it. 
  • Even our practice of sheltering-in-place can be viewed as an act of kindness ­­– we are making a collective gesture for everyone’s health.

For more ideas about how you can practice kindness to improve your emotional well-being, take a look at our Random Act of Kindness blog. And for tips about how to stay connected in times of physical separation, read this.

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