Walk in Our Shoes: Lucy’s Story

lucyWalk in Our Shoes, a multifaceted campaign that uses real stories from teens and young adults to teach youth about mental health challenges and mental wellness, features the hopeful story of Lucy.

Lucy was a carefree young girl who came from a diverse family that brought challenges that may not have been typical for other children her age. She was a happy child who didn’t require much support growing up, but would soon learn that the support she lacked was crucial to fostering her talents.

“Despite all the differences, expectations and lack of support, I overcame all the challenges and barriers that would have otherwise subjected me to a much less fulfilling life.”

She was the star of her basketball team in middle school and loved being a part of something with structure. Her home life, however, was another story; her parents were uninterested and unavailable. Despite the fact that her parents wouldn’t take her to practice or watch her play, she continued to be a part of the team.

“Sometimes, you have to dig deep and realize that everyone has a choice; and you can either be a product of your environment, or you can make your product an environment of you.”

Depression overwhelmed Lucy as she began to feel she wouldn’t be missed if she committed suicide. The loneliness took over, but she finally decided to get help. With support, she realized it wasn’t her fault that she wasn’t receiving the care she deserved. Lucy found the hope she’d needed since she was a child, and finally chose to live her life in happiness.

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