#MusicMonday Artist Feature: Danielle “DayDay” Dooley

Last month, Each Mind Matters held the very first Music for Mental Health event on the CSU East Bay campus in Hayward, Calif. Each week, we are spotlighting talented young artists who attended the event who use their music as an outlet to help themselves and others overcome mental health challenges and other struggles.

Danielle Dooley, also known by her stage name DayDay, is an emcee and dancer living in Oakland, Calif. Influenced by artists such as Tupac, Da Brat, Left Eye and Lauryn Hill, DayDay began to write rhymes to tell her own story. DayDay has been featured on the 2013 Dope Mixtape released by Bay Area record label, Slapaholickz, and has performed around the Bay Area, sharing the stage with local artists and Hip Hop legend KRS-1. Through her music she aims to promote messages of self-expression, acceptance and to live a life free of judgement.

Why is music a good outlet to talk about mental health?

Music is a good outlet for talking about mental health because it let’s you get what you need out. It’s like poetry. It’s like its own form of art. It’s something that’s close to you, so whatever comes out is a spiritual connection and it connects with other people.

What do you enjoy about the writing process and why are you so passionate about it?

What makes me feel good about writing my music is that other people can connect through what I’m saying or what I’m going through or what I see. As long as you have that connection with somebody, no matter where you are, your music will always go far. It will always be a part of your dream because somebody else is a fan of you.

If you could give advice to another youth who might want to talk about their own challenges through music, what would you say to them?

Just be truthful to who you are, and never lose who you are no matter how far that star may be or how bright, just be yourself, and don’t ever change for anything.

DayDay is featured on the #MillionsLikeMe Music for Mental Health album. Click the link to download the album and hear songs from other young artists from across the state, and check back next week for our next featured artist!

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