Attention Filmmakers: 4th Annual Directing Change Contest is Open!

If you’ve been following Each Mind Matters, you already know that nearly half of us will experience a mental health challenge at some point in life. But did you know that about one in five teens experience a mental health challenge in a given year, yet due to stigma many wait an average of six to eight years from the onset of symptoms before seeking help?

directing-change-300x169The Directing Change Program and Film Contest is a powerful way for young people to be part of the movement to change societal attitudes around mental health and to directly contribute to the mental wellness of their peers by encouraging and supporting help-seeking behaviors. The program and film contest encourages youth and young adults ages 16-25 to create a 60-second film about mental health and suicide prevention that is used to support awareness, education and advocacy efforts.

Adding to the existing categories, “Mental Health Matters” and “Suicide Prevention,” is a third submission category: “Through the Lens of Culture.”  Participants are invited to create a film on mental health or suicide prevention as a focus, but with the additional requirements of creating a film in a language different than English and/or with a focus on how different cultures view these topics.

The winning teams and their associated schools or organizations win prizes, receive prevention programs and educational resources, and are honored at an awards ceremony in May 2016.

To view previous films and for more information, including contest rules, head to

Happy film making!