The New Year: Looking Toward 2020 with Self-Compassion in Mind

Reframing a New Year’s resolution into something that can be obtained on an ongoing basis, such as committing to acts of self-care, can help create sustainable emotional wellness.  First, we invite you to look back at our first holiday season blog to get some ideas for self-care tips moving into the new year. Next, we want to offer a suggestion for a new year’s practice to take you into 2020 and beyond: self-compassion.

What is self-compassion, anyways?

Self-compassion is the ability to respond to and support yourself in the same way you would with someone you love and care about, like a close friend. Instead of beating ourselves up over mistakes we make or perpetuating negative self-talk when we don’t feel good enough, self-compassion involves caring for yourself with kindness and acceptance, acknowledging your humanness and responding to yourself with understanding.

How can self-compassion benefit our mental health?

Self-compassion is not just a good practice for the sake of treating ourselves better, it has also been connected with helping people experience less anxiety, depression, and shame. Self-compassion allows us to experience more connection with others, less judgement toward ourselves and the ability to be more mindful, which helps us learn from our emotions and experiences throughout life.   

How do we bring self-compassion into the New Year?

Setting an intention for the new decade to practice self-compassion is something that can be looked at as an ongoing journey, and one that can be practiced in everyday settings. Experimenting with some free mindful meditation practices may be a good place to start the journey. Try using this exercise guide and these tips for practicing self-compassion, or explore these free guided meditations and exercises to begin. Engaging in self-compassion might not always be easy, but it’s something we can continue to look at as a practice for our overall emotional well-being.

So, while you are setting your resolutions for the new year, try putting self-compassion at the top of your list. Who knows, maybe a little self-compassion will help you look at your other resolutions in a whole new way!

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