Just Added: New Resources for the Russian-Speaking Community

The Each Mind Matters Russian Strategic Council is pleased to announce the release of two new materials for the Russian-speaking community as part of Each Mind Matters: California’s Mental Health Movement.

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, more than 141,000 Russian-speaking people reside in California alone. California has the second largest Russian-speaking population nationwide, making up nearly 17% of the total Russian-speaking population in the United States.[1] Through a community-led process, Each Mind Matters identified the following priorities to address when creating these materials: 1) lowering stigma around mental health challenges, 2) increasing help-seeking behaviors, and 3) reducing suicide in the Russian-speaking community.

To address these issues, Each Mind Matters collaborated with a strategic council of Russian community leaders and stakeholders to create two new mental health materials for the Russian-speaking population: 1) a bilingual (Russian/English) Know the Signs Suicide Prevention brochure, and 2) a Russian-language adaptation of the Each Mind Matters Mental Health Support Guide.

These new resources are the culmination of many months of outreach, research, and interviews with community, county and state representatives to determine what was most needed in the community. By creating materials designed to increase community understanding of mental health, we hope to combat these barriers and improve mental health and wellness within California’s Russian-speaking community.

To view the new resources online and learn more about the strategic council, click here.

[1] https://apps.mla.org/map_data_results&mode=lang_tops&SRVY_YEAR=2010&lang_id=639

The following Russian Strategic Council members led the development and writing of the new LGBTQ+ mental health resources: Christina Shea, LMFT, Richmond Area Multi-Services, San Francisco; Dr. Arthur Digolov, Mental Health Professional, San Francisco; Ivan Leschuk, Faith Community Leader, Sacramento; Roman Ramaso, Slavic Assistance Center, Sacramento; Tatiana Glebova, Ph.D., LMFT, Alliant International University, Sacramento; Tatiana Schevchenko, Russian Information and Support Services, Sacramento.