It’s The Little Things

Research has found that small moments of positivity, the little things that make us happy throughout the day, can accumulate over time.  A quick smile at a neighbor, a good laugh, a friendly hello to a co-worker, feeling touched by a kind word or gesture – all of these positive interactions form new pathways in our brains.  And as a result, feelings of positivity and gratitude become easier the more we practice.  The holidays offer many opportunities to stock up on micro moments of happiness by engaging all of our senses. Here are some ways to enjoy the little things throughout the holiday season:

  • Take in the festive lights
  • Listen to your favorite songs
  • Smell the scents of cinnamon, nutmeg and spice
  • Savor your favorite holiday treats
  • Hug someone you care about
  • Swap out favorite crime and doctor shows for a feel good movie or book
  • Get together with a neighbor or friend for a cup of hot cocoa or tea
  • Receive joy from giving to others, whether it is your time or a gift

There’s more good news: another person’s happiness can be contagious. Want to give it a try? When you observe someone else’s happiness summon up a good thought: I am happy that you are happy. This can prime your brain to experience similar feelings of happiness.

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