It’s time to plan for Suicide Prevention Week!

National Suicide Prevention Awareness Week is September 5-11, 2016, with World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10. The Each Mind Matters team has created a Suicide Prevention Week Toolkit to make it easy for you to get involved and raise awareness in your community. This year, the toolkit has an emphasis on reaching out to older adults who may be depressed or at risk.

Here are just a few ways you can use the toolkit to boost your Suicide Prevention Week efforts:

  • Learn the warning signs of older adult suicide. Download the fact sheet and share with others.
  • Post and tweet! Use our pre-written Facebook and Twitter posts and graphics.
  • Social Media Message 1Share the Suicide Prevention and RAND Infographics to inform decision makers in your community.
  • Check out the drop-in articles that can be customized or used as-is in newsletters, blogs and local media. The article “Suicide Prevention is Everyone’s Business” has a general focus, while “Depression: It’s Not a Normal Part of Aging” is a great addition to outlets that reach older adults.
  • Work with your board of supervisors to issue a Proclamation for Suicide Prevention Week. Download our template to get started.

hands-walking-stick-elderly-old-personIf you are planning an event to observe Suicide Prevention Week, make sure you add your event to the Each Mind Matters events page, especially if the event is open to the public and/or you would like others in your county and throughout California to know about it.

Download your free toolkit by following this link: and watch our recorded webinar for more inspiration and information.