Proud to Support Armed Forces Members

Today is Armed Forces Day and Each Mind Matters is proud to support all who have served in the armed forces. We have many resources on our website for those currently serving, veterans who have served or family members of military personnel:

Video Vignettes:

Everyone has a story to tell, and sometimes it helps to listen to someone who has been through a similar experience. To listen to the inspiring stories of veterans who have lent their voice to the mental health movement, follow the link: 

Veteran Fact Sheet:

Many returning service members face complex mental health challenges in readjusting to life after deployment. Fear of personal embarrassment, disappointing comrades, losing the opportunity for career advancement and dishonorable discharge are motivators to hide symptoms of mental illness.

Read the facts on our Veterans Fact Sheet: 


There are abundant resources for veterans, so don’t be afraid to speak up if you or a friend is in need. click here to find the many resources available:

RAND: Stigma in the Military

The RAND Corporation conducted a study last year on stigma in the military. If you are interested in learning more about what mental health means in a military context, you can find the study here: