It’s Your Vote

vote-1319435_1280As Americans head to the ballot box to elect the 45th president of the United States, voters are reviewing each candidate’s position on the major issues that affect their personal lives as well as the well-being of the nation. With one in five Americans experiencing a mental health challenge during their lifetime, each candidate has outlined their mental health policy to help the millions of Americans facing a mental health challenge. As California’s Mental Health Movement, we shine a spotlight on each candidate’s mental health agenda in an effort to help our community of supporters make informed decisions on November 8th.

Keep reading for summaries about the two major-party candidate’s mental health policy, along with links to each candidate’s website and voting record.


Hillary Clinton 

Secretary Clinton’s mental health plan focuses on prevention, early intervention and diagnosis.  Signs of a mental health challenge are regularly undetected even though they begin to appear at an early age. Under Secretary Clinton’s plan, she proposes an increase in funding prevention initiatives to support physicians, schools, and universities in providing comprehensive mental health services. This effort will include a suicide prevention initiative that will be led by the surgeon general and include the participation of schools, universities, and government agencies.

Secretary Clinton’s mental health agenda also includes increasing the number of mental health providers and mental health centers in order to make services available to all people across the country. In the continued effort to increase access, Secretary Clinton will strengthen federal monitoring of insurance companies to ensure that they are providing mental health benefits to all consumers.

Secretary Clinton will prioritize providing mental health treatment to low-level, non-violent offenders and improve law enforcement training for officers responding to situations involving a person with a mental health challenge. She includes that she will work with government agencies and private employers to provide housing and job opportunities for Americans living with a mental health issue. She will also work with research institutions to fund projects focused on brain development and human behavior.

Visit to learn more about Secretary Clinton’s mental health agenda. You can also view her U.S. Senate voting record by going to


Donald Trump

While Mr. Trump does not have a specific mental health agenda listed on his website, he has proposed reforming mental health programs and institutions in the United States. He focuses on providing mental health services to veterans by reforming the services and administration provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mr. Trump stated that mental health reform is currently being developed in Congress.

Donald Trump has not held public office and does not have a public voting record. To learn more about Mr. Trump’s overall vision for health care reform, visit  and to learn about his efforts to provide mental health care to veterans, visit .