Get Involved During Mental Health Awareness Week


Established in 1990, the first full week of October observes and celebrates Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) in the United States. This year, MHAW takes place during October 2-8 and it’s an opportunity for mental health advocates and organizations to raise awareness about current mental health issues, educate the community and reduce mental health stigma. You too can join the millions who will come together to raise their voices about the cause.

Each Mind Matters developed the 2016 Mental Health Awareness Week toolkit that is free to view and download. Here are some ways you can get involved and spread the word using the toolkit:

Go Online

Need ideas about what to say on your social channel? Use the social media guide filled with prewritten messages. Personalize the messages to help raise awareness on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Remember to tag @EachMindMatters and include #EachMindMatters!emm-social-graphic

Spread the Word

Start an email campaign with your network by sharing daily email messages throughout the week. You can personalize the messages to include why mental health is important to you. Copy, paste, and send!

mental-health-support-guide-captureShare Resources

The new mental health support guide is filled with tips on how one can boost their mental health, resources to find extra support and ways to fight stigma. Download and share it!

Make a Statement

Raise awareness by tying lime green ribbons throughout your community. Select a prominent place to make a statement and the significance of lime green. Tie them around trees, lamp posts, street lights, etc. Get creative!

mhaw-posterShowcase Your Support

Download, print, and post the 2016 “We Believe Each Mind Matters” poster to hang in your office or community recreation center. If you are planning an event, customize one of our editable posters to promote your Mental Health Awareness Week event.




50 percent of us will experience a mental health challenge in our lifetime. Through our collective voices we can work to destigmatize having a mental health challenge. Mental Health Awareness Week is one opportunity to proudly raise our voices and then continue to spread the word throughout the year. Visit to:

How are you planning on observing Mental Health Awareness Week? Share with us by tagging @EachMindMatters or #EachMindMatters.