Finding Support During Trying Times – Tips and Resources to Stay Connected

During these times of uncertainty many of us are experiencing feelings of worry. However, each person and community could be facing vastly different challenges. Whether it be job security, social isolation, health concerns or a variety of other challenges, every one of them has the potential to impact our mental health. Even so, there is a lot we can do to take care of ourselves and stay connected with others.

It is important to lean on each other and our communities for support and resources. In doing so, we can create a network of safety and well-being.

We have asked our Each Mind Matters social media community to tell us which resources have been most helpful to them during this time which we are listing here to share with you more broadly.  

We also suggest reading and sharing our Tips for Self-Care During COVID-19, and taking a look back at our blog Community Connections in Times of Physical Separation. Be sure to keep checking back for more COVID-19 related information and resources.

Remember, we will get through this – together.

COVID-19 Resources:

User-Generated Resources, Tips and Tools:

Connecting with Others:

  • Connect with others virtually face-to-face. There’s a number of free video conferencing options to keep in touch with family, friends and co-workers.


Resources for Kids and Parents:

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