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May is Mental Health Matters Month. Show your support by wearing a lime green ribbon. Mental Health Matters Month
I have been able to now function for my family and I would want everyone to know that if they need help, not to be afraid to seek help Marie
I left combat in 2005, but still struggle today. I started on a different journey, a different battle. We are normal, but what we did in combat wasn’t. You are not alone, so reach out. Joe
I knew then, I mean it was very clear that someday I would be back to do something about this and change it for others that followed. Sally & Jay
People are being heard now and the invisible wounds of war are really being accepted and taken seriously. Charlotte
It was so hard and still difficult for me to be told it’s not your fault. There’s this guilt that takes over and you have to remind yourself that it is a disease. Neil
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ICYMI: More May Moments

As Mental Health Matters Month marches on, you have continued to raise your voices to spread mental health awareness in counties all across California. Keep up the good work! We are excited to share more …

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