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I have been able to now function for my family and I would want everyone to know that if they need help, not to be afraid to seek help Marie
I accept that I have depression issues, I have anxiety issues, and I work on it. It isn’t just I’m going to take a magic pill and get better. David
Despite the odds, people can recover. People recover and stay well. It happens all the time. Jamin
The solutions lie within the best attributes of our culture and the strength that that brings us and the spiritual wellness that that brings us. Art
It’s the sphere of judgment of what others will think that prevents people from talking about their loss and ultimately healing. Annabelle
Knowing my authentic self and being proud to share with the world who I truly am, this is the ultimate freedom for me. Michael B.

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Each Mind Matters School Mini-Grants Are Here!

Mental Health Awareness Event-in-a-Box We are excited to offer an opportunity for schools to build California’s Mental Health Movement by hosting a mental health awareness event during Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Student-run clubs from …

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Start The New Year with Lime Green Gear!

Do you use social media to connect with others when it comes to mental health awareness? Perhaps you already follow Each Mind Matters on our Facebook page, but did you know we're also on Instagram …

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Looking for even more? Our Partners page has more helpful information and support for specific audiences and environments.

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