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The first stigma I have to say was the stigma of me as a parent. I did not see myself having a daughter with a mental illness. I saw myself with a daughter who was misdiagnosed but just simply shy. Oscar
I think definitely by sharing your story, whether they’re people of color or just anybody in general, that this is not a life sentence. I think when we share our personal stories we give hope. Keris
There’s this sort of fear, this fear of being found out, this fear of living a life that you’re afraid people will only see what they deem wrong. Monique
One thing about stigma is that it says you can’t do anything because you have a mental illness, that’s a lie. That’s only true if you let it be true. Daniel

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Directing Change Film Contest

The Directing Change Program submission deadline is March 1, 2020!  The Directing Change Program & Film Contest offers young people the opportunity to create 30 & 60 second films about mental health or suicide prevention that …

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Self-Care Tips for the New Year and Beyond

The New Year is a time where many people make a choice to take better care of themselves. But often even with good intentions, we tend to fall back into our familiar habits. Reframing a New Year’s resolution into something that can be obtained on an ongoing basis, like acts of self-care, can help create sustainable emotional wellness.

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