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I think definitely by sharing your story, whether they’re people of color or just anybody in general, that this is not a life sentence. I think when we share our personal stories we give hope. Keris
It’s the sphere of judgment of what others will think that prevents people from talking about their loss and ultimately healing. Annabelle
The first stigma I have to say was the stigma of me as a parent. I did not see myself having a daughter with a mental illness. I saw myself with a daughter who was misdiagnosed but just simply shy. Oscar
For Cambodians it is a difficult thing to talk about mental illness. I hope that you are brave enough to seek help because mental illness can be helped. Sam
I accept that I have depression issues, I have anxiety issues, and I work on it. It isn’t just I’m going to take a magic pill and get better. David
When you have a small garden like this, you can come to it, and all of a sudden you forget about the stress. Chua Cher

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