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I think definitely by sharing your story, whether they’re people of color or just anybody in general, that this is not a life sentence. I think when we share our personal stories we give hope. Keris
The first stigma I have to say was the stigma of me as a parent. I did not see myself having a daughter with a mental illness. I saw myself with a daughter who was misdiagnosed but just simply shy. Oscar
There’s this sort of fear, this fear of being found out, this fear of living a life that you’re afraid people will only see what they deem wrong. Monique
Each Mind Matters, it is for me, just the acknowledgement that everybody is deserving of mental health. Margaret
I left combat in 2005, but still struggle today. I started on a different journey, a different battle. We are normal, but what we did in combat wasn’t. You are not alone, so reach out. Joe
How to Start a Conversation About Mental Health

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Each Mind Matters is excited to announce the awards for the 2018 Lime Green Ribbon School Mini-Grant Program! The Lime Green Ribbon School Mini-Grant Program will engage students and school staff from across the state to …

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