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I think anybody can push through. I’m not saying it’s the fun road. Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length. Alexandra
All I want to do is just share with other people and tell them to just take away that fear, that fear of self-consciousness. Emily
Mental illness is no reason to be alone or for your family to be stigmatized. Receiving help is just as humble as giving it. Mercedes
I think it’s important that every parent does or do as much as they can for their own child and go beyond the stigmas that have been created by society, your culture or your own families. Lila

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Self-Care Tips for the New Year and Beyond

The New Year is a time where many people make a choice to take better care of themselves. But often even with good intentions, we tend to fall back into our familiar habits. Reframing a New Year’s resolution into something that can be obtained on an ongoing basis, like acts of self-care, can help create sustainable emotional wellness.

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