California’s Mental Health Movement is made of up millions of people who believe that everyone experiencing a mental health challenge deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. See what people are saying and sharing – and add your voice to the movement with your own commitment to advancing mental health.

I teach the Family to Family class for NAMI - Placer.
Aztec Warrior Princess
I pledge that I will spread mental [health] awareness.
That I will be the best, happiest person and not commit suicide. I will use my tools I've learned from a wellness center to stay in wise mind to avoid suicidal ideation. See, I don't really want to commit suicide, but sometimes I get so tired and feel it's a way out. I won't really do it. I want to live.
To have conversations about wellness with friends and family.
To promote mental health awareness in the churches I work with.
To help spread the word on the importance of mental health awareness and remove the stigma.
I pledge to share my story in its entirety and not pretend that I'm always ok in order to be an effective mental health advocate.
Rebecca Massie
To listen empathically to anyone struggling with life challenges impinging upon their spiritual and mental happiness. In other words, I will end needless suffering one conversation at a time.
To [practice] self-care.
My goal is to bring community awareness in my hometown, Tehachapi, California as well as in all communities of the Mental Health challenges our children, friends and family suffer from. I have a son who was diagnosed with Teurette's Syndrome and he also takes medication daily for seizures. He attends public school which also provides a disability classroom for all kids disables whether it be ADHD or what have you. I feel that due to lack of education for all students everywhere the Stigma will continue on; However, educate these kids cause that's where it starts, and let them be educated about disabilities, etc. to make them more aware of the disabilities and mental health struggles that currently their peers may suffer from and later on possibly themselves or family or friends so that they understand better and are less ignorant which in turn WILL STOP THE STIGMA for all in our future!! Making a difference in the World :)!
To continue my work with the Mental Health Commission and provide information to concerned families as needed. I remain an advocate for county mental health services. Thanks much..........
Parker's Nana
To openly share my story of how I've been able to manage being bipolar and live a balanced lifestyle while appearing "normal" to most people; I also share how my WRAP plan helps to maintain a healthy and balanced mental well-being.
Misty Blue
To be a mental health first aider.
To take the time to understand and hear an individuals concerns when pertaining to one's mental health. I experience anxiety and panic and one day hope to be a great advocate for those who's voices are not heard.