California’s Mental Health Movement is made of up millions of people who believe that everyone experiencing a mental health challenge deserves the opportunity to live a healthy, happy and meaningful life. See what people are saying and sharing – and add your voice to the movement with your own commitment to advancing mental health.

Go to support groups and do what I can to help others.
I pledge that I will continue to inform myself of psychological disorders and use what I have learned to inform others.
To reduce stigmatizing language in my own life and teach others!
I pledge to treat people with dignity and respect and to address everyone as a person first.
To love others with a genuine heart and not label people based off of mental disorders; to treat everyone equally.
To bring awareness to mental health issues and reduce stigma.
To help remove the stigma placed on people with mental illnesses.
To keep fighting for a better future for people like me. So that they hopefully won't need to experience some of the hardships that I have had, and continue to face.
As a parent, I will create a better tomorrow for my kids by supporting those of us who are living with mental health challenges today. • I will support other parents who may be struggling with a mental health challenge in their families. • I will teach my children that it’s unacceptable to disrespect people who are living with mental health challenges.
We're All A Little Broken
To advocate for mental health and continue to spread knowledge on mental health through film.
To work in some way to help others with issues. I've experienced it and come through it. I'd especially like to help children.
To talk openly and honestly about my stance on supporting mental health awareness. As the Active Minds Vice President of SJSU, I promise to tell anyone I can about the importance of mental health and how important it is to recognize your feelings and how much your mental health impacts how you choose to live! It is not all just physical, half of your motives are determined internally, through mental health!
To be honest as I can about my story and provide help to others who need it.
To continue to research, educate and provide mental health awareness and services in Southern California.

I was never so hungry, dirty, exhausted, or lonely...They were with me, every step of that journey. And they will be there on the next journey. And the next. Silently guiding me.

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To try and help people that struggle with mental disorders and challenges. I also will stop using mental illness as slang.
Savannah lynn

I feel that my mental health diagnosis is just a part of who I am. I am also a wife, a mother, a sister, a caring friend.

I enjoy working with others who I have somewhat of a shared experience with them in their own walk with mental health diagnosis.

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To keep volunteering with Mental Health Support Groups.