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I realized I needed to have the courage to reach out to someone else. Doug
When I see people, I see this look on their face when they hear more about culture, they hear more about the history, they can accept themselves. Janet
A loss is a loss is a loss, suicide does not make it any less significant. Reaching out has made me realize, you are not alone. Jennifer
I left combat in 2005, but still struggle today. I started on a different journey, a different battle. We are normal, but what we did in combat wasn’t. You are not alone, so reach out. Joe
The solutions lie within the best attributes of our culture and the strength that that brings us and the spiritual wellness that that brings us. Art
People are being heard now and the invisible wounds of war are really being accepted and taken seriously. Charlotte

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Announcing 2018 SanaMente Grant Awards!

Each Mind Matters and SanaMente are excited to announce the awards for the 2018 SanaMente Mini-Grant Program! The SanaMente Mini-Grant Program will engage Latino communities across California to improve mental health, reduce stigma and prevent suicide …

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