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I think anybody can push through. I’m not saying it’s the fun road. Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length. Alexandra
I have been able to now function for my family and I would want everyone to know that if they need help, not to be afraid to seek help Marie
Know that each day that you’re breathing, each day that you get out of bed, regardless of how insignificant they may seem, are actually signs that there’s life to live. Dennis
The first stigma I have to say was the stigma of me as a parent. I did not see myself having a daughter with a mental illness. I saw myself with a daughter who was misdiagnosed but just simply shy. Oscar
Each Mind Matters, it is for me, just the acknowledgement that everybody is deserving of mental health. Margaret
I realized I needed to have the courage to reach out to someone else. Doug

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Just Added: New Resources for LGBTQ Community

*Guest Blog by Each Mind Matters LGBTQ Strategic Council   Just in time for Pride Month, the Each Mind Matters LGBTQ+ Strategic Council is pleased to announce the release of new materials for the LGBTQ+ community. Pride …

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Closing Out Mental Health Matters Month

We had a strong finish to Mental Health Matters Month. Thank you to everyone who participated, whether it was by posting a lime green selfie, attending events in May or raising awareness in your community! …

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Looking for even more? Our Partners page has more helpful information and support for specific audiences and environments.

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