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I knew then, I mean it was very clear that someday I would be back to do something about this and change it for others that followed. Sally & Jay
I think it’s important that every parent does or do as much as they can for their own child and go beyond the stigmas that have been created by society, your culture or your own families. Lila
Knowing my authentic self and being proud to share with the world who I truly am, this is the ultimate freedom for me. Michael B.
Absolutely don’t quit, don’t give up, don’t take no for an answer. Belinda
When I see people, I see this look on their face when they hear more about culture, they hear more about the history, they can accept themselves. Janet
I think definitely by sharing your story, whether they’re people of color or just anybody in general, that this is not a life sentence. I think when we share our personal stories we give hope. Keris
I think anybody can push through. I’m not saying it’s the fun road. Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length. Alexandra
One thing about stigma is that it says you can’t do anything because you have a mental illness, that’s a lie. That’s only true if you let it be true. Daniel

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A Listening Movement on the Sidewalk

Guest Blog By: Tracie Ruble* As a licensed psychotherapist, I had an idea: ‘What if I take my therapist’s chair outside on the sidewalk to ask “What is going on?”’ in an effort to understand the …

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