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I left combat in 2005, but still struggle today. I started on a different journey, a different battle. We are normal, but what we did in combat wasn’t. You are not alone, so reach out. Joe
There’s this sort of fear, this fear of being found out, this fear of living a life that you’re afraid people will only see what they deem wrong. Monique
I accept that I have depression issues, I have anxiety issues, and I work on it. It isn’t just I’m going to take a magic pill and get better. David
I have been able to now function for my family and I would want everyone to know that if they need help, not to be afraid to seek help Marie
When you have a small garden like this, you can come to it, and all of a sudden you forget about the stress. Chua Cher
Despite the odds, people can recover. People recover and stay well. It happens all the time. Jamin

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In March, green is universally associated with good luck and St. Patrick’s Day. But did you know that “Greenery” is the official color of 2017? To celebrate our favorite hue, Each Mind Matters is encouraging …

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Watch Films and End Stigma!

Do you have an artistic eye and a passion for advancing mental health awareness? Here’s your chance to make a difference for young people across California! The Directing Change Program & Film Contest needs judges …

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